A community of awakening.

The vision of Awakenings Yoga Studio is the building of community, a place where we can connect beyond asana to a place of being, a place of consciousness. A place where Namaste goes beyond “I honor you” to “I value you” and “I see you.”

We’re building a place where the Self can simply engage in its own beingness and be wrapped up in its brilliant light. We’re building a place where the question being asked is not “How am I doing?” But rather, “How am I being?” “How am I vibrating today?”

This place we are building is a community based on love, a family of Oneness, a community of awakening.

“Wow! What a difference Amanda has made. Months ago, I couldn’t touch my toes and now I’m standing on my head. Everything is much better; balance, posture, breathing, flexibility, etc… I’ve taken yoga at the gym but nothing compares to studio practice. Amanda knows my weak points and helps to target my “issue” areas. Her very hands-on instruction has helped me to really understand, learn, and grow with yoga.”


Our massage treatments range from Swedish to Neuromuscular therapy. We look to find the cause of physical pain and discomfort in the body then address its cause to prevent future reoccurrence.


We look to educate our clients and the surrounding community by bringing a series of workshops and events designed to build and enhance relationships, as well as inspire and motivate individuals to do — and become — the best they can be.


Our yoga classes are designed to transform and build strength. We offer classes for beginners and experienced yogis, in styles ranging from Hot Vinyasa, Core Flow Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Yoga Boot Camp and more.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat.